Distributor Support

We are closing in on the release of our new rebranded packaging. We are promoting under the banner of “Feed the Face”, which will focus on the concept that a balanced skincare routine is as important as a well-balanced diet. Just as eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is important to keeping your body healthy, OZNaturals family of serums is designed to keep your skin at its healthiest. Varied serums derived from a colorful array of plants, fruits and vegetables are a great way to keep skin youthful and beautiful.

Our new packaging is not only beautiful and perfect for the retail shelf, but also designed to help each customer select the right products for them. The packaging highlights additional benefits in a clear and concise manner, and lets the customer know when to use the product for the best results. We made sure to include the star ingredient of each product to capture customer attention. The product name now focuses on the key benefit of the product.

These are still the same great formulations that our customers know and love. Our products are still offered at great value for the customer. Now we have packaging that the formula deserves, and that the customer will love.